【Books Kinokuniya Tokyo】 For Children: Find the Elves! クリスマス企画:エルフハントで遊ぼう ~ Until Dec 25th (Mon) / 2017年12月25日(月)まで

★★★★Happy Holidays! ★★★★

Join us for a fun little game for kids!
Santa's little helpers came to Kinokuniya for Christmas shopping, but they got lost. Please find all three of them and bring them to the cashier when you make your purchase. We will give your child a sweet as a thank-you present. The 'elves' are stickers which children can find around the store. Happy hunting★


Christmas Elf hunt 2017.jpg

Have fun drawing little snowmen at our special table. Put the finished drawings inside the box provided and we'll put them up around the store later.


IMG_20171201_115227 (1).jpg

And of course, enjoy shopping for some amazing Christmas books.
Happy Holidays from Kinokuniya!


2017.12.09 イベントに行こう  くらし こども Fun! なごむ 東京 クリスマス 洋書