【Books Kinokuniya Tokyo】 Kazuo Ishiguro "The Buried Giant" Japanese edition - Book signing


We are excited to announce that Mr. Kazuo Ishiguro will be visiting Books Kinokuniya Tokyo for a book signing event!!

W H E N : June 5th, 2015 (FRI) 19:30- (opening 19:00 last admission 19:45)
W H E R E : Kinokuniya Shinjuku South Store 6th Floor
Books Kinokuniya Tokyo event space
ADMISSION : Limited to 90 pre-registered guests with tickets.
*Registration is full and we've sent out emails to the selected participants. Thank you for so many entries!

*Purchase of the Japanese edition of his latest book "The Buried Giant" = 『忘れられた巨人』 ("Wasurerareta Kyojin" 2,052yen including tax ) is required to attend this event.
*We will be selling the English edition at the event. If you buy "The Buried Giant" - UK Hardcover edition there and you have a ticket for this event, Mr. Ishiguro will sign one copy of your English Hardcover edition as well.

Reservation for this event is available through our website (Japanese only) or by email UNTIL April 26th (SUN) 23:59.
This is NOT on a "first come first serve basis"
, if we receive more than 90 entries during this time period, participants will be chosen through a random selection process.
For instructions on website reservation, see our Japanese website HERE.
To make your reservation in English by email, send following information to bkt@kinokuniya.co.jp

Email Title: Kazuo Ishiguro Event
Name :
Phone number :
Email address :
*One reservation per one person only.

Once the participants are chosen, we will send an email to confirm their reservation. After you receive the email with further instruction, visit Books Kinokuniya Tokyo (6th floor) to purchase and receive your book and ticket prior to the event.
*We will only notify the chosen participants, and cannot answer individual inquiries.
*We will not take responsibility in any delay or inability to deliver the email.
*Please try to purchase before the day of the event if possible; we expect the cashier to be crowded on the day of the event.

*Please bring your book and ticket on the day of the event. No ticket, no entry.
*Mr. Ishiguro will also take a picture with you at this event. Don't forget your camera / cell phone!
*No photos allowed at other times.
*One ticket=one person can attend this event.
*Only one copy of "Wasurerareta Kyojin" and an additional English copy of "The Buried Giant" bought at the event are eligible to be signed. Mr. Ishiguro's previous works and other non-book items such as notebooks, T-shirts, etc are not eligible.
*We will lead you by your registration number. Please follow instructions from store staff and line up.
*Please be aware that the event might take long.
*Purchased tickets will not be re-issued for ANY reason.
*You may not re-sell, copy, or forge a ticket.
*If you arrive too late, or if you refuse to follow our instruction, you may not be able to participate in the event.
*The event may be canceled due to unpredictable circumstances ex.natural disasters
*When the event is canceled, we will not give a refund.
*The ticket is valid through the end of the event on June 5th, 2015.

For further information, please call Books Kinokuniya Tokyo at 03-5361-3316.

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